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Here at The Bridal Boutique of Jules we pride ourselves on providing all of our visitors the very best customer service.   

We want you to have that special experience from the moment we make first contact. We believe we offer our brides the very best in bridal, from our stunning and beautifully handpicked collections to the impeccable luxury service that we offer. Our aim is that our guests leave smiling and skipping, having just experienced a very personal and memorable couple of hours that was uniquely tailored for them and their individual needs, in our fun filled, relaxed and professional environment that we are so passionate about.  

As the bride, you and your bridal party have exclusive use of the boutique for a full two hours, so we really do get to know you, your individuality and your wedding day dreams.  We pride ourselves on not only all of the above, but also being that little bit unique. We are at the forefront of fashion, and handpick our designers collections with great care.  Our small but very passionate team will explore your wedding day thoughts and dreams and with our guidance and using our creativity and knowledge, we will help you design your individual look and unique bridal style. 

We want you to embrace your true self, your own uniqueness, you!
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